Friday, October 21, 2011

V.I.D. - Very Important Dates

                                                    Source: via Katie on Pinterest

It's hard to believe October is less than two week from being over!!!
School is in full swing and lots of things are going on!!
I figured I might let y'all know what kinds of exciting things are coming up in the upcoming months. :D

October 19: I found out who my CollegePlus! coach is!

October 31: It's family doesn't go all out or anything, but it's cute to see my little siblings all decked out in adorable costumes! (and who doesn't love all the chocolate you get, anyhow?!)

November 11: My CollegePlus! start date!!!!

November 13: My twin brothers' 15th birthday.

November 24: Thanksgiving...basically just an excuse to stuff ourselves like there's no tomorrow. (oh and be thankful :D)

November 27: My 18th birthday..oh my. I'll be ancient!!

December 1: My family will get out all of our Christmas decorations!!!!

December 25: Christmas :) it'll be Meddie's first Christmas in America, so this one will be extra special...

January: (not sure about the exact date) Google Buzz will be officially shut down. This is quite sad because Buzz is where it's happenin'!!! (if you're in CP! that is)

January 1: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

January 8: My brother Nathan turns 9!!

January 26-30: CP! gathering in California. This is what my paychecks are currently going towards. I want to go REALLY bad!

Besides these very exciting events that are coming up, I have school, work, three Bible studies, time for my family, etc.
It's crazy busy, but I love it! :)
I'm sure you all are super busy as well.
Make sure time for God is always a priority...(I'm preaching this to myself as well)
Have a great weekend!
(to all my Sioux City readers, I'm working 5-10 tomorrow at Gap. Come visit me!!)

Katie :)

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  1. You are busy! Hope you get enough money for Cali. :)