Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Let It ALL Out"

                                               Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Hello to all my devoted blog readers!! :D
I'm sorry this has been such a silent place lately.
Work has been tying me up, and hopefully this week will allow me to be a better blogger.

I heard this song for the first time this week and the lyrics just absolutely blew me away.
They really hold a special meaning for me.
The song is "Let It All Out" by Relient K.
God has us go through hard times for a reason.
Through those hard times, God wants us to "Let It ALL Out" to Him.
Cry out to Him.
He will hold you.
He has a reason.
I'll post the lyrics here so you can read them and meditate on them.
(and of course I'll post the song too.)

Let it all out
Get it all out
Rip it out remove it
Don't be alarmed
When the wound begins to bleed

Cause we're so scared to find out
What this life's all about
So scared we're going to lose it
Not knowing all along
That's exactly what we need

And today I will trust you with the confidence
Of a man who's never known defeat
But tomorrow, upon hearing what I did
I will stare at you in disbelief
Oh, inconsistent me
Crying out for consistency

And you said I know that this will hurt
But if I don't break your heart then things will just get worse
If the burden seems too much to bear
The end will justify the pain it took to get us there

And I'll let it be known
At times I have shown
Signs of all my weakness
But somewhere in me
There is strength

And you promise me
That you believe
In time I will defeat this
Cause somewhere in me
There is strength

And today I will trust you with the confidence
Of a man who's never known defeat
And I'll try my best to just forget
That that man isn't me

Reach out to me
Make my heart brand new
Every beat will be for you
For you

And I know you know
You touched my life
When you touched my heavy heart and made it light

Katie :)

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