Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Piano Guys video...a hymn this time

I watched this for the first time last night and OFFICIALLY fell in love with the cello <3
It's pretty much the most romantic sounding instrument ever!!!
As my brother so helpfully pointed out, it makes you want to go play the cello out in the forest ;)
The scenery in this video just sings of God's majesty.
Praise God for beautiful music and His magnificent creation!

Katie :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


today was one of my bestest friend's birthday.
that's really old to a youngster like me :)
she has been such an incredible friend to since the day i met her at age four!
Happy birthday, Lindsey!
may God continue to bless you on this incredible journey called life.
i love you so much and i know that our friendship will continue not only in this life, but also in heaven for eternity. <3
these are a few pictures of us girlies :D

Katie :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Yes, I do realize Friday was yesterday, but I just wanted to share what my Friday looked like.
Through pictures!!!!!! :D

it started off with innocently sleeping in till 9:15  

 then i did school (i'm just doing math right now)

then it was off to the homeschool event of BOWLING! 
(this one has LOTS of pictures)

 This was my little sister Meddie's first time bowling!
She looked so adorable in her shoes! :D

 I had to use the xx-small bowling ball >.<

 This was my bowling team! They were the best at making it an absolute blast!
love you girlies! <3


 Meddie's bowling form was spot on! 

 So was Nathan's!

 This was the team in the lane next to us.
 It consisted of my twin brothers and their crazy friends!

 My superb bowling form!
(just so y'all know, i throw the ball backwards. i have no idea why. i just can't do it the right way!)

my brothers and their friends named their bowling balls O.o
from left to right (skip the blue ball):
the lasagna ball, the cherry bomb, and the gumball
such creativity in these young minds!

After bowling, I got to have three of my Reynolds sisters over! :D
We had A BLAST!
Then when my mom took them home, Mrs. Reynolds presented me with a disk with all my senior pictures she had recently taken. (THANK YOU SO UBERLY MUCH, MRS. REYNOLDS! <3)
I'll show you a few of my favorites!

 (quick note about this one: i LOVE taking pictures of lampposts. i mean LOVE it. so that's why i was hugging the poor thing to death)

so that was the more interesting parts of my Friday.
others included welcoming Sarah Reynolds to Buzz (congratulations!), babysitting my younger siblings while my parents went out on a date, and crying through the movie Bambi.
may all your Fridays be wonderful.

Katie :)