Sunday, September 16, 2012

Christ: Our Everything(?)

This sermon by Paul Washer on the Gospel of Jesus Christ is humbling and it's convicting.
Do we really know Christ? Do we even try to comprehend what He did on the cross?
If you're anything like me, than you most certainly don't.
Yes, I realize that it's 103 minutes long. Yes, I understand that time is important to us nowadays.
But I beg of you, even if it takes you a whole week to listen to this, listen and let God work on your heart.
Be reminded of who Christ is and what He has done for us! How different our lives look in the light of the cross. Is He truly our everything?! Do we seek Him and love Him as we ought? The answer is of course not, but do we run with endurance? Are we running after holy things and loving what Christ loves?
Praise be to our LORD who took the full punishment of our sins and gave us His righteousness. What a good God we serve.
Here's another video by Paul Washer that's only three minutes long. Run after eternal things. Live for Christ.

Katie :)