Monday, October 17, 2011

My Puppy

Let me introduce you to the cutest puppy on the face of this planet.
Well, technically he's not a puppy anymore, but I like to call him that anyway! :D
He can be naughty, but I can NEVER stay mad at him for more than about five minutes.
He eats Kleenex and barks at nothing just to make sure that it stays nothing.
His vocabulary consists of about five words.
My mom and I spoil him rotten.
He's gotten pretty fat over these past years.
He loves people and is quite the social butterfly!
He has millions of nicknames. (I'll show you a few in some pictures)
No dog could be loved more than my puppy is.
His name is Cody and he's the only family dog I've ever known.
I just love him to death!!!

 Here he is barking at nothing. 
When he does that, he gets called either a dingleberry or Doofenschmirtz. 
(only if you've seen Phineas and Ferb would that make sense)

 When his fur is especially thick and fluffy like this,
we either call him Fluffy or Chubby.

 And when he's being plain adorable, 
he gets called Baby Cakes.

This one is probably one of my most favorites!
When he gets his hair cut really short (like he will tomorrow),
he looks like a girl and we call him Nancy. ;)

I love you, Cody!!!!

Katie :)
(no book again this week...sorry I've been behind!!!)

song of the week: Relient K - For the Band


  1. You have a lovely puppy, love! Sounds like there's a lot of name-calling going on, but glad it's the good kind. :)

  2. awww! He's got SUCH great puppy dog eyes!! He looks like such a cuteee cuddle buddle!!!!

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    I just found your blog, and I love it!
    I followed you :)
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  4. Hey, Rebekah!!
    Thanks so much for following me :D
    I'm glad you like my blog.
    How'd you find it...just out of curiousity.