Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to my favorite little sister!!

Yesterday was my little sister's 5th birthday :D
We had a great day celebrating her VERY first birthday in America.
It was an extremely memorable day filled with things that Meddie had never experienced before.
(you can go here to see one of those firsts)

Here are some pictures of her small birthday party we had last night.

 These cupcakes were made by my very dear friend Kaylee (from the blog henn house happenings)

 What five year old wouldn't love these balloons?! 

 Accessories fit for a princess!!

 She was SOO giggly and happy when she saw her little princess set-up


 She's opening up princess attire in this picture. 
That was pretty much the ongoing theme for the night.

Happy Birthday to my dear precious little sister.
I'm so glad you now have a forever family who will be here to celebrate your birthday with you for the rest of you life.
I love you, Meddie Grace!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while!
My mom was in the hospital this week after having emergency surgery.
I'll post about it soon.
Although, there's lots of posting that I need to catch up on.
So many stories to tell....
Please keep my family in your prayers :)

Katie :)

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