Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday is Book Day

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It's book day again :)
Sorry this hasn't been very consistent so far!!!
I promise I'll try and do better.

Idols of the Heart
Chapter 7: Thinking About Your God
In this chapter, it talks about how our mind is basically what controls our affections and our will to make decisions.
We have to be so very careful about what we feed our minds, because it will come out in what we do and say.
The more we know about God, the more likely to choose Him and put down our absurd idolatry.
Honestly, people, God IS the only One who can make us happy. The more we dwell on that, the less we'll choose something above Him.

1) Why is it important for you to have a correct understanding of God?
A: If we have a correct understanding of God, our minds will be less apt to create a god to suit us. It will be harder for our hearts to try and tell us something false about God the more we know and understand about Him.

2) How does God inform you about His nature? What particular characteristics of His do you especially rejoice in?
A: Through His word and also through different circumstances in our lives. A characteristic that is very special to me is that He is our rest and our peace. (Matthew 11: 25-30, Psalm 55:22)

3) How would you explain the role of idolatry in modern man to a sixth grader?
A: As people who constantly offend and dishonor God, we always search to find happiness in things other than God whether we know it or not. Our hearts are always tricking us to think that God sin't who will make us truly happy.

4) Identify any areas where you have expectations that function as gods. Think about your imaginations during the day. How do you see yourself?
A: I think for me, I seek after the approval of other people. I always worry about if people like me or not. It's selfish. I should be dwelling on God and making sure that He is pleased with who I am.

Katie :)

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  1. KAJE! We were just talking about having a right view of God in Sunday School! Such a good subject. I also love that you pointed out that the more we know God, the more likely we will be to avoid idolatry. God is always great! We just don't always remember.