Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday is Book Day

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Idols of the Heart
Chapter 8: Longing After God
In this chapter, the source of our desires is discussed.
Everyone has desires and longings, but where did they come from?
When God created Adam and Eve, He gave them desires.
But after the fall of man, these turned into sinful desires.
We all have desires. Some are God-given and others are from the flesh.
Even after we have been set free from sin, we still desire after things MORE than we desire God.
It's not wrong to desire after things, we just have to make sure the desires are good and that they take their rightful place AFTER God.

1) What would it be to desire after God alone? (see Psalm 42: 1-2, 143:6, Isaiah 26:8-9, Luke 9:23-25)
A: God is our life. Everything about us will scream that we are His. Nothing else should matter except Him. He needs to always be our main focus in everything we do.

2) God's joy rests in fellowship with Himself and with His people. How does this change your view of God?
A: Our God isn't a far off God. We can have a personal relationship with Him, a joyful one. He is always with us and takes delight in His children. What a wonderful thing to rejoice in!!!

3) What does John 8:44 say about the source of ungodly desires?
A: We were in bondage to sin and Satan. Even if we have been freed from sin, it still remains within us and tempts us with sinful desires.

4) Prayerfully question yourself. What do you desire and long for? IS this a holy desire that's in the right place? Is it a holy desire that's too important to you? Does Jesus occupy the first place in this desire? In other words, are you willing to give it up for Him?
A: I desire for the approval of other people. In a way, it can be a good thing if you desire other people to see Christ in you. BUT, more often than not, this is a very selfish desire of mine. It's hard for me to rest in the approval of God, and it's something I need to rip out and give to God.

5) Is there anything on the previous list that you aren't willing to sacrifice to God? Can you see how this desire may function as a god for you?
A: If I'm thinking about it more than God, than it's a god I've made for myself. Constantly changing who I am to suit other people rather than being who I'm called to be in Christ.

Happy Monday everyone!!
Long after Him.
He will satisfy you.

Katie :)

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  1. Kaje, it's funny that you post this because I just got really upset while shopping and then I was like... am I desiring these boots more than God? Evidently, if I could get so worked up about them. Thanks for this reminder. <3