Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday is Book Day

Starting today, I'm going to be posting about a book study that I'm doing with my dear friend Anna Nix.
We have the discussions on Tuesdays.
I read it on Mondays and will now post a brief summary of the chapter and the questions.
Then you get to read through my attempts at answering them >.<

Idols of the Heart
Chapter 6: Knowing the Heart
In this chapter, Elyse Fitzpatrick talks about our hearts and the many different functions they have.
She then goes on to talk about how it applies to obeying the first commandment.
The three different parts are:
1) the mind: thoughts, beliefs, understanding, memory, judgment, discernment, the conscience
2) the affections: longings, desires, feelings, imaginations, emotions
3) the will: chooses and determines actions
These three "sections" of our hearts work together to obtain what we think is our highest good.
As we learn more and more about our Savior, these decisions become more Christ-centered.

1) How does the story of Rahab encourage you? (this story was shared at the beginning of the chapter to show Rahab's change of heart)
A: God can take you out of your past. No matter WHAT! You can have the most horrendous background and yet be used for great things.

2) What does the story of Moses prove about God's ability to work in our hearts?
A: Without the work of Christ, Moses would've been living in Pharaoh's palace for the rest of his life. He never would've experienced God's love in his life.

3) From your studies, how would you define the heart? How has your perception changed?
A: The heart is quite the mastermind. It can be our best friend and worst enemy. We need to guard our hearts and let Jesus reveal to us what it is that our little hearts are TRULY desiring.

4) Jeremiah taught that the heart was "deceitful" and "wicked." What does this mean?
A: Our heart is constantly playing games with us. Even if we really do want to follow what God says, our hearts can lead us to do the total opposite. But because it's sneaky, we follow blindly and willingly.

5) Can you think of a specific time when you were convinced that a certain course was right only to find out that later you were mistaken? How can something like that happen?
A: I won't name anything specific, but it CAN happen. I've experienced it many many times! Sadly, it's our fallen nature. Pray for God's grace to help you in all these areas. (i know i need it!)

6) What does the truth that God is the Heart Knower mean to you? How does it comfort you?
A: God knows me better than ANYONE else. He knows what's best for me and will make sure that it's what I get. (whether I think it's best or not)

Seek after God.

Katie :)

song of the week: newsboys - Beautiful Sound (below the radar mix)

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