Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Evolution of a Christmas Tree

Whoever gave this to me knew me awfully well :D
Our house looks beautiful!!!
My dad just put up Christmas lights on top of our TV and it looks so pretty!!!!
All of us kids have Christmas lights in our room and the lights display outside is simply gorgeous.
I would much rather have classic white lights than colored ones.
One my friend's dad said that colored lights (especially the flashing ones) tend to look like a Vegas casino sign.
I have to agree.
Christmas reminds me of pure, white snow.
White lights capture that.
Colored ones do NOT.
It's just like -
Classy is just always better in my opinion.

Katie :)


  1. I feel the SAME way about Christmas lights! :D

  2. Hate to say it but there is just something nistolgic about coloured Christmas lights. They are fun, warm, and remind me of the childhood wonder.

  3. I sort of agree with both opinions...we do white lights outside for the "classy" look, and colored inside 'cause the kids love it...and white on the tree :)

  4. White is nice.... We have colored. And I LOVE IT!! The wild, fun, crazy side of me says COLORED!! And the calm, everything-needs-to-match side of me says white. But it seems every year the crazy side wins and I vote color every year...Hee Hee. But totally white on the outside of a house. But I don't mind color, it looks gingerbread house-ish. =)

  5. I'm totally agreein' with ya on that Katie :) I love white lights! They're so classy and sophisticated :)
    But, of course, I've also gotta agree with Kbugg - my crazy side also says "COLORED! TOTALLY COLORED!!"
    I love your Christmas tree! Very classy:)
    And I love your ornament :P I have so many of those memory ornaments!

    PS white rules. ;)