Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Are You Living For?

Ethiopian pathway
I think most of us know the Sunday school answer to this question.
"Why, to live for God, of course!"
I don't want to take away from this "correct" answer, but how many of us actually live that way?
I know I don't.
My perspective on life and what I was living for was completely changed after my Ethiopia trip.
I was living for myself.
I would get upset if the smallest thing didn't go my way.
I don't think I even realized it.
I would get angry and upset (internally of course. I would never show it) if my favorite cereal was gone or if only two people "liked" or "commented" on my Google+ posts.
I would get irritated with my siblings as quick as wink if they did the slightest thing wrong.
I would get mad at my parents if they didn't give me what I wanted.
I would spend hundreds of dollars on clothes and Starbucks that I was so sure I needed.
me me me me me me me ME!
Now, this is not to hate on social networks or shopping or anything like that.
But, think about it?
WHAT is your motivation behind everything you do?
Is it to gratify yourself?
Is it to glorify God?
I have seen starvation.
I have seen poverty.
I have seen extreme sickness and disease.
I have seen the homeless.
I have seen people with literally NOTHING.
And yet..........
They are happy.
I saw children's faces light up when they got anything they could call their own.
They were SO CONTENT.
They had Jesus.
They were incredibly happy with anything you gave them because you gave it in the name of Jesus.
I bawled at McDonald's last night when I saw how uncontent everyone was with even the large amounts of STUFF they were being given.
I was reminded that as Americans we are not happy with anything.
These beautiful Africans were happy with nothing.
Because they had JESUS!
Let's take a lesson from that.
Bow down to Jesus and cry out to Him to show us how we need to live our lives in order that we may honor the One who gives us every good thing.

Over the next few days I'll be blogging my journal entries I wrote over the past week.

Seek HIM.
Honor the One who saved you.

Katie :)


  1. Katie, This is So So true. You aren't alone. Your post convicted me in how selfish I am constantly. Praising God you were given the opportunity to see Africa, and let God work in you.

    God Bless!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Katie! That was truly beautiful and convicting to read! I'm excited to see how God has been working in your life!
    Love you lil sis! ♥

  3. Yes, thanks so much for that post, Katie! [{hug}] I find myself soo often having to repeatedly ask God to make me completely content in Him.
    'Twas praying for your trip.. so glad you're home safe! <3 Love you!