Friday, March 16, 2012

Journal Post 2

Day 4 in Ethiopia
  Sitting under my mosquito net, I can feel Him as I never have before; like I could simply reach out and touch Him. Oh LORD Jesus how I love You. God is REAL. I have felt His presence and seen Him at work. We're in southern Ethiopia now. Everything is dirtier and everyone is poorer than I imagined. It doesn't even seem real. Yet these people live in the dirt with no clothes, no toilet, no beds, flies constantly in their eyes and ears, lice, bedbugs, cockroaches, no food, no water, etc. I've seen the real deal. And yet I got to praise Jesus WITH them. I felt true joy radiating from them. I started bawling from the sheer overwhelming feeling of it all. Oh praise be to God! I am so blessed to be here. Trusting God has never been so hard or so sweet. I've had to surrender my fears and my heart every second since we arrived here. And isn't that what God wants from us as His children? Just to completely give up control and say, "I know you got this, God."

Katie :)

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