Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Prices" to Pay

                                                         Source: via Katie on Pinterest

That picture is of Katie Davis and her beautiful children in Uganda.
I've been reading her book Kisses from Katie as preparation for my trip to Ethiopia.
It has been incredible. Her story has made me so excited to go.
Her dedication to her Savior and to the children of Uganda is encouraging and infectious.
I can't wait to go, to serve, and to love.

This trip does have a price on its head.
Like today for instance.
I had to go into the Health Department and get a Yellow Fever vaccination.
It was definitely not my idea of a fun way to fill my day.
But it's worth it. And what about all the people who live with it...and eventually die from it?
All I had to do was walk into a government building and get the treatment I needed.

Another thing I've been thinking about is my family I'm leaving behind.
My little sister prayed the other night: "Dear God, Katie and dad are going on a trip to Africa and I'm stayin' home. And I'm gonna miss them. I love my sister."
I started bawling. How can I leave behind this family I love so much?!
Because I love Jesus more. I'm going to show these kids WHO HAVE NO FAMILIES that Jesus loves them more than they could possibly imagine. What better joy or calling could I possibly have?

So this is why I'm going and paying those "prices".
I love Jesus and He's called me to do this hard thing for His great name.

Katie :)

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