Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A God Girl..."That's Who I Be"

                                                        Source: flickr.com via Katie on Pinterest

It's Valentine's Day.
Do I have a sweetheart to spend it with?
Mmmm that depends.
I have my Savior.
And HE is my first love.
He loves me and He saved me and is looking out for me.
Why on earth would I need a man?!
Don't get me wrong...I do still want to be married someday.
But for now I'm gonna be content to be a God girl.
I want to bubble over and talk about how amazing the love of my life is.
I'm His and that's enough.
He's my love and my heart is HIS!
Happy Valentine's Day :)

Be content in the only One who satisfies.

This song pretty much sums up what I've tried to convey up there. :D

Katie :)

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  1. no way!!! that's almost exactly what I was planning to post, song and all :D *goes to re-work her new blog post* :D