Wednesday, February 12, 2014

an entire year. how time does fly.

oh how so many things have changed since I blogged the last time.
I have seen a change in school,
                   a change in town,
                   moved away from my family,
                   entered a relationship with the coolest guy ever,
                   and watched God reveal Himself in a way I never thought possible.

God has been incredibly faithful and He has blown me away with how He has answered prayers and the pleadings of my heart in miraculous ways.
there have been extremely hard times and wonderfully happy times.
I have seen Scriptures speak to my heart that have made me cry tears of sadness and shame at the thoughts of my sin and yet tears of pure joy at the love of my great Jesus.
I have worshiped with believers in a way that I will never be able to describe.
I have experienced Godly fellowship with my dear family and close friends that I could never replace.
there have been tear filled days and nights filled with loneliness and ones filled with endless laughter.
and I wouldn't trade any minute for anything.
God has blessed me richly and I thank Him for His great mercy and love that I do not deserve but for the precious blood of Jesus.
in the span of a year, God has turned my world upside down.
some things are much better but other things have grown worse.
but I will praise God.
because He is God.
and is worthy of it all.

I'll leave you with this picture: (pretty much the best person I have in my life right now. my heart overflows with thankfulness.)

isn't he the cutest thing?!
Katie :)


  1. So glad you updated us, Katie! I MISS you terribly so this update on the state of your heart is a real joy! Please post again and again and...
    With much love,
    Mrs. R.

  2. Love hearing from you on here Katiesis! keep posting!!