Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tears of Sorrow and Gladness

Tears can be sad......and happy.
They can come from being overjoyed or overwhelmed.
A welling up and over of emotion these little drops are.
Sometimes it can be good to cry, and other times embarrassing.
I experienced a little bit of all of this last night during Bible study.
A song I had never heard before really struck home.
I felt like it had been written just for me.
It washed over me with feelings of remorse and joyfulness; guilt and gratitude.
Salvation is a wonderful, mysterious, joyous thing.
Why me? Why a rebellious sinful little girl like me?
I may never know why God placed me in the family I'm in, the country where I live, the people and circumstances I grew up with.
But what I do know is that HE DID SAVE ME.
And I'm forever grateful.

Katie :)

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